It is exactly two weeks until I leave for Iceland.

I am spending the weekend cleaning and getting the family ready for my absence. It feels good to get everything clean and organized but the kids don’t see it that way at all. It was a huge struggle to get them to help.

Last weekend I took them shopping for school supplies. My kids love pencils, folders and all that stuff. They had a blast. I love that they don’t even expect school clothes yet. When I was a kid, that is what school shopping meant – buying fall clothes. I’ve purposely kept that from my kids so far. They will wear summer clothes for most of September anyway.

It makes me a little sad to think about missing their first week of school this year. I am very confident it will go well – Andy is more than capable – but it still makes me sad that I won’t witness it. I will have to call them on FaceTime and get all the details.

I will be taking Andy’s iPad with me on the trip so we can call each other. My phone won’t work abroad and I’d rather have a video call anyway. I am also going to us his iPad to post to this blog while I’m there. I’m actually posting from it right now for practice.

Here’s what I just made for lunch – need to test posting photos via iPad, too.


This is “leftover magic”. If I ever have leftovers pasta, I take two eggs, 1/2 cup milk and some parmesan cheese, mix it up with the pasta and fry it on the stove in some oil. It is giada’s recipe. I love it for two reasons: it tastes different every time because the leftovers are always different, and it let’s me use up leftovers. Yum!

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  1. That’s a good idea for left overs. Our family loves eggs, except Judah. Maybe he’ll come around some day. We just finished school shopping last night when we picked up a new backpack for Izzy. Have a great time in the land of Sagas and steam pools!

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