Day 1 – the 40 hour day

Yesterday I arrived at 6 am local time in Reykjavik. The fight was direct from Minneapolis, which is about as much as a person could ask living in the Midwest. No trouble due to hurricane Irene, though a few of my tour-mates were from New England and only narrowly missed the closing of their airport.

I thought I would be able to sleep on the flight over because it left at 7 pm, but I could only get about 2 hours of shut-eye. So when we landed, it was 1 am Wisconsin time but the day was just starting for me. Argh.

The good side – we went to Blue Lagoon immediately after landing. What a way to start a trip! The showers weren’t as bad as the article I posted. And we got there before it even opened so we almost had the place to ourselves.

Blue Lagoon is a geothermal pool with minerals in the water and it is a perfect 100 degrees all the time. The water is a bright sky blue but it is not clear like in the Caribbean. It is opaque and sort of milky due to the silica. It was relaxing and the best way to recuperate after the flight. I also got to know two of my tour-mates, Casey and Anne. Casey took a tour with Knitting Iceland last year and she was back again for this one.

We spread the white silica mud on our faces. It turned out to be an great exfoliant. I might pick some up before I leave.

Two things have made an impression on me so far about iceland:

1) Where are the people? It is so unpopulated compared to other counties, even compared to northern Wisconsin where I grew up. It is quite nice actually. My dad would love it. :)

2) Did everyone get the memo to visit Iceland? I can’t believe how many Tourists are everywhere we go. Ragga, our guide, said that this is actually the end of the tourist season so it is not bad, but I can’t imagine how busy it was in the summer. It is good for their economy for sure.

I am rooming with a woman named Anne. She is a social worker in Stillwater Minnesota. She works with families who adopt children and is very much in love with what she does. We are a good match so far. We both are a little pensive, not too chatty, and she had lots of interests like I do so we have lots to talk about.

Tomorrow (Monday) we leave for the tour.



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2 responses

  1. very cool, Danielle! hope that you are able to get some rest. and yes, you must bring back some of that white silica mud. it sounds amazing!

  2. Yes this is your Dad following your trip on the internet. Just like when you were studying abroad in college. I hope you have a wonderful time. We were a little concerned about how you would skirt Irene on your way to Iceland.

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